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The Wednesday Word

Wednesday Word

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June 18, 2014

*Note: This edition of the Wednesday Word was published one day late on June 19th due to power outages from severe storms in the North East on June 18th. Thank you for understanding. :)

Virtues of a Writer

 Humility in Writing

Humility: Being able to respect one's own limitations.

Doesn't sound very motivating, does it?

In the writing world, we are told by our peers to put our best foot forward and have no fear. To try, try, try, and never give up. Though it might seem confusing and contradictory, humility can play an essential role in your writing process.

Let's break down that definition a bit and see what value we can derive from it.


Respecting yourself is key to any success you seek to achieve in life.

Respect one's own limits.

You know your limits. You know what tires you out or turns you off from the work you love.

Pushing yourself too hard by setting unrealistic expectations for yourself can lead to writer burn out pretty quickly. If your word count goals are dragging you down, take a break. If your promotional activities are too taxing, back off for a while. (Professionally, of course. If you have others depending on you, you need to be clear with them by letting them know what you are going through and notifying them of any changes you plan to make.)

Take a moment to sit down and accurately assess what you can and cannot do on a daily basis. Jumping on every opportunity that comes your way may seem like the road to success, but more often leads to unnecessary burdens that can put quite a damper on your fiery love of writing.

As a writer, I sometimes have trouble following my own advice. There have been plenty of times when I felt burnt out and needed a break. It's normal, you don't need to feel badly about it or let fear of failure consume you.  Respecting yourself enough to have humility means that you're giving yourself what you need in order to succeed.

By respecting your own limits, you can ensure that writing continues to be an enjoyable activity.

Do you have a hard time respecting your own limits?

What activities tend to lead to your own "burn out" as a writer?

By A2A Member and Contributor, Andrea Goodson.   

Exciting News for Author to Author Group Members

Sydney Logan Releases Soldier On

Check out Sydney's website for the release of Soldier On this weekend!






Download Fireworks for Only 99cents

Lindsey Gray has permanently lowered the price of Fireworks to 99 cents! Check it out!

 T.M. Franklin Hosts Blog Tour and Giveaway

The How to Get Ainsley Bishop to Fall in Love with You Blog Tour and Giveaway continues through June 19th.  Up for grabs: TWO signed copies of Ainsley, THREE eBooks of the winners' choice from the TWCS library, a t-shirt, notebook and pen, and some other fun prizes!

Jennifer Garcia to Visit Long Beach Library

If you're in California this weekend, stop by and visit Jennifer at the Long Beach Library this Saturday, the 21st for a signing and panels with Jami Denise, Lorenz Font, and many others!

Jennifer was also chatting books on Hummingbird Place Blog Talk Radio this week. Click here to listen:

Wednesday's Weird Word


Something frigorific causes cold or is chilling

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