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Author To Author’s Newsletter                                                 August 28, 2013

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On Writing

One of the most common questions I get asked is where do I come up with my story ideas. There’s not really a straightforward answer unfortunately. I get my stories ideas everywhere. To give you an example, my second novel, Slave, came from a random idea to mix my new interest in BDSM fiction and a national news story about a young girl who’d been held against her will as a slave. I have no idea why my brain thought to put the two ideas together, but it did, and my Finding Anna Series was born.

My Daniels Brothers Series started with the memory of a book cover I’d seen ages ago. The cover featured a winding road in the country. From there, I imagined a woman driving down that road to a new life. I had to figure out why she needed to start a new life, and what she was leaving behind.

Then of course, I had to find the man to pair her with. When I started to develop Chris’s character, I also had to create his back story, which included his family. I discovered I had three other very sexy and eligible brothers. There was no way I couldn’t give them their HEA’s, too.

As you can see these two ideas came from very different sources, and I’m sure in the future, ideas will come to me for stories from a wide variety of places. The thing to remember is always to be open to ideas when they come to you whether it comes through a news story, a book cover, a song, or a conversation.

Think of the possibilities, and run with it. The worst that could happen is that it doesn’t work and you have to either rework the idea or scrap it and find a new idea to replace it with. That’s part of creativity.

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Exciting News for Author to Author Group Members

Sydney Logan Celebrates the Anniversary of Lessons Learned

It's been almost a year since Sydney Logan released her Amazon Best Seller, Lessons Learned. This novel has been described as "Very intense, highly emotional, and extremely raw."

Well, isn't that what we all look for in books? To properly recognize the one year bash of Sydney's Amazon bestseller, she is holding a giveaway! Be sure to check Sydney's blog on September 6th to enter to win! Go ahead and pay her a visit now to read all about Lessons Learned. Happy book birthday, Sydney!

Sherri Hayes to reveal cover of Hidden Threat

Ready for some more sensual romance with heart?

Check out Sherri Hayes' blog on August 29th for a revamped cover reveal of her novel, Hidden Threat. Sherri has authored many books, including the Finding Anna series as well as other romance and erotic romance novels. Congrats to Sherri on the new cover!  

Wednesday’s Weird Word


Ugh, what?

Definition: A thing with little or no value or use.

Origin: French literature. Not known to be used in spoken language.

And that's a good thing because I doubt I could pronounce this one correctly!

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