Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tempting Tuesdays ~ Flourless Chocolate Cake

Another one of our lovely A2A authors, Jennifer Garcia, requested I try this three ingredient cake. I'm so glad I did. You can dress it up or eat plain. Which every way you try it, you won't regret it.

This recipe is adapted from Gimme Some Oven.


1 pound chocolate (Can be chocolate chips, pieces, or bark of almost any kind. Do not recommend using white chocolate.)

16 tablespoons (2 sticks) butter

8 large eggs, cold

Preheat oven to 325 degrees and move your oven rack to the lower middle section.

Prepare a springform pan by wrapping the outside of the pan in heavy-duty foil. Then grease the inside of the pan per your regular routine.

In a stand mixer using a whisk attachment, beat the eggs at high speed until the volume doubles. This takes about five minutes.

While eggs are whisking, melt chocolate and butter in microwave in 30 second intervals, stirring between each.

After chocolate and butter are melted and mixed, fold in 1/3 of egg mixture until only a few streaks are visible. Fold in 1/2 of remaining mixture, then the last half until completely mixed.

Pour batter into prepared springform pan. Place springform pan in larger pan, such as a roasting pan. Fill roasting pan with boiling water halfway up the sides of the springform pan. Place in oven and bake for 22-25 minutes until a thin glaze crust forms on the surface.

Remove springform pan from water bath and cool to room temperature on wire rack. 30 minutes before serving, remove sides and bottom of springform pan. Top with a dusting of powdered sugar, whipped cream, or your favorite berries.

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