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April 23, 2014

Virtues of a Writer

Honesty in Writing

Honesty in fiction? Somewhat of a far off concept, don't you think?

Not necessarily.

Welcome to part one in a blog series on the Virtues of a Writer.

Writing fiction can be a difficult task. Creative? Yes. Educational? Unbelievably so. Therapeutic? Of course. Fun? Absolutely!

But is it possible to maintain an element of pure honesty when what you're doing is basically making up people, events, and scenarios and then spending hours upon hours perpetuating the lie?

I believe it is not only possible but also completely essential.

Honesty is an inside job. It isn't just about telling the truth when asked a question. It's about clearly understanding your world and responding in a way that is truthful both to others and yourself.

Using honesty in your writing doesn't mean that you can't write about things that aren't factual or that have never happened. If that were the case we wouldn't have 80% of all the fantastic stories and tales that grace the digital shelves of our beloved eReaders.

To me, using honesty in writing means being true to myself. And, in doing so, being true to the characters, events, and worlds that I have created.

The temptation to write what sells is present in every author's life. Many times I have found that after hours of note taking and research, while in the full swing of typing out hundreds of words in a scene, a scene that I absolutely love and believe in, then... BOOM!

Next thing I know, I come to a screeching halt.

It is at that moment that this question enters my mind... Is this what my readers will want?

It happens every time, without fail. And without fail, I always have the same answer.

It doesn't matter. If I tweak this to suit someone else's taste, if I change my character's values and beliefs to conform to what someone else expects, then it isn't real.

This is what I believe to be honesty in writing.

My honesty is that while putting my absolute best foot forward and trying as hard as I can to create an entertaining and thoughtful story, I remain true to myself. True to the world I have created in order to pass along whatever message the novel carries.

See, for me, writing isn't just about entertaining others. And please trust me when I say it isn't about making money. If that were the case I would have given up in the first week! Writing is about sending my truth out into the world. It's about sharing an experience that somehow became this amazing story. And if I'm not honest with it, if I'm not honest with myself while doing it, then what is the point?

It is for these reasons that I find true honesty to one's self and one's ideas to be an indispensable element. If I can't take myself seriously, how can I expect anyone else to?

What are your thoughts on honesty in writing?

What other virtues do you find invaluable?

By A2A Member and Contributor, Andrea Goodson.   

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