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March 12, 2014

Winter Blues

It's the second week of March. Did you hear me, Old Man Winter? That means that we who reside in the northern hemisphere should start to soon be seeing a few signs of Spring. Yet here I sit in the midst of a winter storm warning, watching ice pelt against my office window.

I spent three hours this morning struggling to write. And I mean, struggling. Nothing could describe my energy level or inspirational thought process other than the simple word...blah. I long for the sunshine, to hear the call of blue jays in my backyard, and use those stimulants as fuel for my writing. Rest assured, friends, that we will soon see the change of seasons we are all surely waiting for, but it might not give us everything we hope.

As surely as I sit here and actually believe that once that change comes I will no doubt have a bolt of energy when it comes to working on my WIP, deep inside I know that won't quite be the case. No, when the days get longer and those flowers bloom, I will be outside, enjoying the weather. Thinking about writing. Thinking about the plot. Imagining all sorts of great ideas to put in my book. However, I probably won't actually be doing it and that's not part of the plan.

When I realized that this morning, I had to ask myself why. Why wouldn't I be working like crazy on my project? The first word that popped into my mind was work.


When did this wonderful hobby that I love so much become work?

Was it over a year ago when I hit the publish button on my first book? Was it when I started keeping track of what promotions and giveaways I was running? Was it when I created a writing schedule for myself? Or, was it when I had to start tracking the dreaded book sale numbers?

I'm not really sure when it happened but at some point this became a job, and that has to stop.

Right now.

I'm not lazy, it isn't that I don't enjoy work. However, writing has always been my escape from the real world, my relief from real life responsibilities. So, if it was once that way, there has to be a way to return to that frame of mind.

I'm going to start by putting a stop to tracking sales. The money aspect of this venture might just be what is sucking the fun right out of it. Sure I will have to print out my statements at the end of the year for tax purposes, but there is no reason to obsess about that every month.

If that doesn't alleviate the strain then the next step will be to eliminate my writing schedule. There isn't anyone to tell me when I must write, which is sort of why I created the schedule in the first place, but looking back, I can see that my best writing days were unplanned. I just let my fingers hit the keyboard when inspiration struck.

As far as promotions and giveaways go, well I love those and have a great time with them. That won't be changing anytime soon.

Yep, "Operation Make Writing Fun Again" has begun.

What stressors do you find when trying to write? What seems to hold you back? Most importantly, how do you find your way around those obstacles?

By A2A Contributor Andrea Goodson

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The trick of repeating the last word of a sentence, line, or clause, at or near the beginning of the next.

Example: (Star Wars) “Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

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