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The Wednesday Word - September 18, 2013

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September 18, 2013

Writing & Publishing Tips

Picking a Title

Finding the right title for my books is something I spend a lot of time contemplating. Often a title doesn’t come to me for a particular book until I sit down to write the book blurb for my publisher.

Need and Truth, books two and three in my Finding Anna series, were like this. The right title wasn’t coming to me no matter how many minutes—hours—I spent thinking about it. I was at a total loss. I was discussing Finding Anna, Book 2 with my editor one day, and she suggested I go ahead and write book summaries for marketing, and see if a title came to me. Sure enough, after I finished, I noticed a theme. Need. Could she be what he needed? Could he be what she needed? Could they find what they needed in each other?

Red Zone, my newest novel, was the exact opposite. I knew even before I started writing what the title would be. The hero, Gage Daniels, is a professional football player. I knew I wanted to utilize a football reference in the title, I just had to find the one that would be the best fit. It’s a romantic suspense novel, and I wanted something that would reflect that. In football, the red zone is the stretch of field between the twenty yard line, and the end zone. They are the last yards that stand between the offense putting points on the board. It’s the part of the field that either makes or breaks a team. They pull together and score, or they fall apart, and lose the precious opportunity.

Every story is different, but for me, it’s important to take the time to find the right title for a book. It should say something about the story whether it be the overall theme, or something more vague. Either way, the title should mean something, and shouldn’t be rushed. It’s better to take the time to find a title that works, than to pick something generic that has no meaning.

By Author to Author Member and Contributor, Sherri Hayes. You can learn more about Sherri and her book at

Exciting News for Author to Author Group Members

Lissa Bryan Hosts Ghost Story Contest

To celebrate the one year Book Birthday of Lissa Bryan's, Ghost Writer, she is hosting a ghost story contest! Visit Lissa's blog for information on how to enter, rules, and bust out your notebook and pen! There are some fantastic prizes at stake! The winner will be chosen on Halloween!

Andrea Goodson to Rerelease The Riverbend Trilogy

It's almost Riverbend's first Book Birthday! In celebration, Andrea Goodson is rereleasing the entire trilogy, Riverbend, Rapid Water, and Waking Tide, as a one-book boxed set the week of October 6th! Any bloggers interested in reviewing the entire collection prior to rerelease are invited to contact Andrea via Facebook or Website for an ARC.

Sydney Logan's 2000 Likes Giveaway

Sydney Logan has hit 2000 Likes on her Facebook page! She is still celebrating and hosting an amazing giveaway with books and swag from some awesome authors! Visit her website to enter!


Fall into Reading Giveaway!

Stay tuned to Author to Author's Blog for the upcoming Fall Into Reading Giveaway! Enter for a chance to win a $25.00 Giftcard! Giveaway takes place September 22-29. Don't miss it!    

Sherri Hayes Hosts Newsletter Contest

Want a chance to win a bookmark from Sherri's book, Behind Closed Doors? Visit her blog and sign up for her newsletter to enter! While you're there take a look around and explore some of her other work...that is if you like sensual romance. Who doesn't?

Allie Jean and T.M. Franklin Host Vine Challenge

Are you an Instagram junkie? Don't feel bad, most of use are! Take a look at Allie Jean and T.M. Franklin's websites to enter the Vine Challenge and win a prize pack of books! The contest runs September 12th to October 17th! and

Allie Jean To Release New Book Trailer

Author Allie Jean is all set to release the book trailer of Book 2 in The Dreamer series...tomorrow! Visit her website to watch!

Lorenz Font Releases Tormented

The second book in Lorenz Font's The Gates Legacy has been released! Check out Lorenz's website to read the summary and check out the first book in her series, Hunted!

Wednesday's Weird Word


This one sounds as though it should be from the world of Harry Potter!

Definition: Medical term, referring to a rumbling in the gut. Origin: French, Latin, Greek

Savvy Savings

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