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January 22, 2014

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It's All About Perspective...

…And yours is probably pretty screwed up.

But no worries, you’re not alone. So is mine.

This might read like some what of a rant, but here we go…

At some point in time, throughout life, all of us will pass judgement on someone else. Every single one of us. Yes, that includes you. Even if you claim to be the most nonjudgemental person in the world, at some point you WILL pass a judgement on another person. Even if that judgement is you assuming that person to be too judgemental.

This is really okay. Judgements are based upon opinions, standards, morals, and how we were raised. But, most importantly I believe judgements are based upon perspective.

Wherever you happen to be in your adventure of life is going to greatly affect how you see the world.
Whether you are highly successful in your endeavors, or dangling at the end of a very short rope. Your placement in the world, society, and life will create your view.

I’m sure we all have had many people come into our lives who assume that they know much about what transpires in our day-to-day activities. And I must say that 95% of the time, their perspective is either warped, misunderstood, or just blatantly false. But rather than lash out or defend ourselves, as much as we all love to blame people for being wrong about their assumptions, let’s take a moment instead to look at it from their perspective. After all, it’s them not having the ability to place themselves in our shoes that leads to the false assumptions and misunderstandings in the first place, correct?

So, take off your judgey face…
judgey face
(This is your judgey face.)
…and take some time to reflect.

If there are people out there who seem to think that they know what is best for you, what you should be doing instead of what you are doing, or simply can’t seem to believe or understand a situation you are going through, perhaps if we try to see things from their point of view, not only will we understand them better, but we might just set a great example as to how they should try to see things as well.

So, problem solved. Right?


Unfortunately, the judgement doesn’t stop here. Presumptuous expectations seem to reach on into the fictional world as well.


Oh, come on. Admit it, you judge the actions of every fictional character you read about. In fact, I’m willing to bet you might just be judging this post right now. You’re probably silently judging the author as well, thinking to yourself “Well, why would they say that?” or in a book, “I could have come up with a different ending that suited the story better.”

And you know what, you’re right. You probably could have. The great thing about fiction and novels is that they tell a story, a complicated story, from one person’s perspective. Now if that same story were told by another author, one with different life experiences than the first, the story might take place differently.

This is what is absolutely wonderful about books! That one can tell the same story that a million other authors have already told, yet it will be different and unique, set apart from all the others. This is also what connects fiction to real life.

In Riverbend, I have a character, Lena, who struggles endlessly with grief and trust. Some readers love her character while other have left reviews complaining about her being too weak or “whiney”.

Well, guess what?

We aren’t all Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, ok? Some women are weak at times. Some people are vulnerable. Not every woman is some super human, kick butt chick who doesn’t care about anything.

I am already prepared for the opinions I will receive about Avery from my WIP, To Be Loved. She is young, confused, and well, let’s just say kind of an idiot. But isn’t that the whole point? That we are all kind of an idiot at some point in time? That we find our way through life and we enjoy reading about characters who must do the same?

I hope so. I hope there isn’t an entire group of people out there who have it all figured out, have all the answers, and here I am left out in the cold.

Anyway, back to the point. Some readers don’t like that my character Lena is vulnerable and confused. But I’m willing to bet that all has to do with their perspective on life. Try not to take it to heart when a reader doesn't unconditionally love one of your characters. The judgements they make actually greatly reflect their personality. Which is really kind of cool. Because that means that somehow, our writing has brought a part of that reader’s personality to light and in print on our book pages.

Yeah, I think that’s kind of neat.

But hey, that’s just my perspective.

By Author to Author Member and Contributor, Andrea Goodson. You can learn more about Andrea on her website,

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